Gereral training catalog

The Catalog contains list of the Training Courses provided by NOKIA Training Center. All Courses are splittered in 3 big groups:

  • NOKIA equipment Training Courses.
    These courses give customers needed skills for operations and maintenance of NOKIA equipment which is delivered to Russia and CIS by the Company and partners. All courses include practical part. Our Training Center have our own Training equipment needed for practice.
  • Training courses for SRC (Service Routing Certification).
    These courses help employes and partners to be prepared SRC Exams and to achive NRS-II.
  • Technology Training.
    These courses will help you to learn new telecommunication technologies and networks.

In the Catalog you can find a list of Courses for each type of the equipment. For each course you can find a detailed program.

If you are interested in the Course from the catalog you should send us a request for this course containing its code.
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